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  • General

  • How do I go about Registering?

    Registering on our website is a quick and easy process. I suggest you follow our Tutorial located here: regular.moddedminecraft.net

    If you have issues registering with us, please contact one of our staff team on our Discord or if a staff member is unavailable at that time, drop a message in the #support channel and we will be with you as soon as possible (https://discord.gg/TdVHFZk). If you do not wish to use discord, you can leave us a /modreq in-game and we will get with you as soon as we can.

  • I’ve registered but I still haven’t gotten my regular rank

    Due to a syncing error with Enjin some of our players may face the scenario were their rank in-game does not automatically update. This issue is outside our control however thankfully this is not a common occurrence. If you believe you are a victim of such a situation we currently have a ‘Quick-Fix’ available to you without you having to waste time getting in contact with a staff member.

    Firstly we request that you have followed the instructions in our How do I go about Registering? FAQ. This includes ensuring you have successfully ‘Joined’ our website and you have added your IGN character to your profile.

    Once you have doubled checked this information you can then head to our online shop on our website. Ensure you are currently logged into your profile on our website. Once you have opened our shop you want to click on the Donation Ranks tab along the top. Here you will be presented with our current ranks. At this stage you want to add the Regular Rank Fix to your cart, this is a completely free option which will resend the command that should upgrade you to Regular Rank. Once you have added the item to the cart please double check that your Minecraft Character is presented clearly, tick the box agreeing to our T&Cs and finally click the Get Items button.

    Your rank should update within 5 minutes of your ‘purchase’, if however your rank has not updated in this time please get into contact with a member of Staff on our Discord.

  • Why Register with MMC Network?

    Registering with our website will reward you with additional perks that you can take advantage of, as well as being able to take full advantage of our online shop, which will only work if you have properly completed your registration.

    Here's a list of some of the benefits you will receive after registering with us:

    • Access to a total of 3 homes
    • Access to /tpa and /tpahere
    • Access to our full Online Shop
  • How do I go about contacting Staff?

    In any situation we strongly suggest you use our Discord as your primary source of contact for both Players and Staff. Contact via this link: https://discord.gg/TdVHFZk

    While on a server

    When a member of our Staff is in-game, there are three ways to contact them:

    • Simply ask for Staff assistance in global chat, you would be surprised how helpful our community can be
    • If the staff member does not respond to this they may be working on a machine or are in a GUI, we suggest you try directly messaging the Staff member via: /msg (username) (message)
    • If this fails they may be currently AFK. We suggest you complete a ticket while in-game detailing your issue so that when a staff member returns/logs on they can quickly see your message. To do this simply type: /modreq (message) *

    * Please try to keep your message short and to the point in order to allow us to assist you quickly.

    While on our website

    Our website is checked daily by a number of staff. There are generally three main methods of contacting staff, other than use of our Discord, which includes:

    • Using our Shout box to indicate any shorthand message potentially highlighting an issue for staff to look into.
    • Using our Forums to write a fully detailed description on your issue. Please provide a description of how to recreate your issue, who is involved (Full IGN's), when the issue occurred, what server it happened on, and support this with screenshots (if possible). The more details you provide, and especially with screenshots, will allow us to fix/assist you with addressing and resolving your issue as fast as possible.
    • Alternatively, you can of course use our internal server mailing system to send an email to any staff member or write on their respective profile wall.
  • What are Vote Points (VP's)?

    Vote points are a permanent virtual currency and are separate from In-Game Money (IGM) that you earn from Voting for our servers on FTB Listings (https://ftbservers.com/server/OBN6los8/vote)

    You will earn 10 VP's per vote and you may vote for our server every 24 hours. Vote Points are linked to your online profile and so transfer between our servers. Your points have no expiry date and there is no limit to how many you can save up. Vote points can also be rewarded through other various methods such as Competitions or Reward Crates.

    Vote Points are used via our online shop in lieu of using Real Money to purchase items/kits, though ranks cannot be purchased through the use of Vote Points. Any item that can be purchased through Vote Points will have a price in Vote Points shown below the physical cost in $ or your respective currency.

    Using your Vote Points

    Using your Vote Points is like buying an item from the shop

    • First, ensure you are correctly logged into your profile on our website.
    • Then simply add the item you wish to 'purchase' with Vote Points. You will be automatically transferred to the Checkout menu, if not, you many also click on the Basket in top right.
    • Once in the Checkout Menu, double check your in-game Name (IGN) is correctly displayed. Next, tick the box indicating you accept our T&C's (click on T&C for the details you are agreeing to) and finally select 'Pay with Website Vote Points'.
    • Your items will then be automatically processed and they will be sent to your inventory on next log-in.

    To check how many Vote Points you currently possess you can do this through one of two methods:

    • While in-game you can run the following command: /enjin points
    • You many go to your online profile. Do this by starting at our Homepage then move your mouse over your profile name displayed in the top right. A drop-down menu will appear. Select 'Profile' which will load your personal profile on our website. From here you want to scroll down the page to the window just below your Minecraft Character. The first number in this window will Display your current Vote Points.
  • Claiming

  • How do I claim my land?

    We use Grief Prevention on all of our servers to protect your base/items. To claim your land, you want to run the command /kit claim. This will give you a free 'Golden Shovel' which you will use to claim your area. If you hold your Golden Shovel in your hand you will see a message detailing how many claim blocks you possess at that time. Please take note that you can craft a normal Golden Shovel and this will work as well.

    Claiming land

    To physically claim land: hold the Golden Shovel in your hand and simply right click one corner of your base, then, without changing tools, move to the opposite side of your base and right click once again. If you have enough Claim Blocks you will successfully claim the area you have selected and see an in-game message detailing this. Holding the Golden Shovel in your hand will display a link to a tutorial on how to use the mod more effectively. Visit that link if you so wish to find out more about claiming and employing sub-claims. You can have as many separate claims as you see fit and are limited only to the amount of Claim Blocks you have, however you cannot overlap Claims.

    Adding friends

    Once claimed, your area is protected from griefing, stealing, and virtually almost any form of interaction from players outside the trust list for your claim. If you want to add someone to your trust list in which they can edit/destroy/interact with anything inside your claim (i.e. a trusted friend) simply stand in the claim you wish to share permissions with and run the command /trust (username). This will add that player to the claim you are standing in. If you wish to see who has permissions to edit/destroy/interact within your claims then simply stand inside the specific claim and run the command /trust list, or if you wish to remove someone from your claim you can run the command /untrust (username) while inside the specific claim.

    Resizing claims

    If you want to resize your claim and expand it, first locate a corner of your claim which can be done by using a vanilla stick. Simply right click the ground with a vanilla stick and this will display the edges of your claim with virtual Gold Blocks. Then use your Golden Shovel and right click one corner of your claim, (an in-game message will be displayed detailing you are re-sizing your claim). Then right click in the new location where you want the corner moved to. If you have enough Claim Blocks this will resize your claim, otherwise you will get an error message. Possible errors include not having enough Claims Blocks to complete the resizing or your new claim's resize would overlap an existing claim. (You can use the vanilla stick to find the other claim that's causing your overlap error.)

    Removing claims

    If you no longer require your claim, or you wish to move locations and are in need of your Claim Blocks, you can delete the claim. All Claim Blocks used in that claim will be added back to your account automatically. To delete your claim simply stand inside the specific claim you wish to remove and run the command /abandonclaim, or if you wish to remove all your claims from EVERYWHERE simply run the command /abandonallclaims. Please take note these are permanent actions and you will need to make a new claim if you have abandoned one.

  • Why should I claim my land?

    Although we operate a strict no stealing or griefing policy here at ModdedMinecraft, we do wish to encourage our community to be active in the protection of their personal investments. Putting time and effort into your base or construction is time and energy you've invested, and as such it is only logical to take steps that ensure the protection of your investment. It is your responsibility to check if your base is fully protected with a Claim and that any additional expansions are also protected inside your Claim.

    This is imporant as we cannot guarantee that your base can be restored in the event of damage from griefing or other actions. This is simply due to the fact that we are working with Beta Modpacks which are not compatible with the Prism plug-in (which we use to detect changes in the enviroment such as block breaks and placements). This means that if we try to roll back the area it's unlikely to fully restore the blocks or items you placed.

  • Is Towny used on this server?

    We currently only use Grief Prevention on our Servers to protect your land.

  • Gameplay

  • What are the banned items?

    The banned items for each server can vary from time to time. The best option when checking what items are banned is to use the command: /banneditems when on the server you are inquiring about. This will return a list of all the banned items currently on that server and is always up-to-date.

    You can also view the banned items over at: http://www.moddedminecraft.net/banned. Though this list is not synced with the servers and will not always be 100% accurate, though we do try our best to maintain this list.

  • What are the current Rules?
  • What are Vote Crate Keys and where do I use them?

    Vote Crate Keys come in two Tiers, Tier 1 and Tier 2. Voting on our FTB Listings (https://ftbservers.com/server/OBN6los8/vote) will reward you with a Tier 1 Vote Crate Key or a small chance to reward you with a Tier 2 Vote Crate Key. These keys can be used to open their respective Vote Reward Crates on both our All The Mods Server and our Beyond Server currently within our Rewards Crates Zone at Spawn. Opening these Crates by right clicking with its respective key will start a slot machine animation in which you will be rewarded with a random item that may be of use to you during your Minecraft Journey with us.

    Obviously Tier 2 rewards are much more desirable than Tier 1 rewards, and as such you can win a Tier 2 Vote Crate Key from a Tier 1 Vote Reward Crate or, if you wish, you can chose to save your Tier 1 Vote Crate Keys and trade five of them for one Tier 2 Vote Crate Key at a Trade-O-Mat within the our Rewards Crates Zone at Spawn.

  • Is Chunkloading Allowed?

    Currently any chunkloaders as part of a mod have been disabled in lieu of our more economical chunkloading plugin. Chunkloading can add strain to the server and have a negative influence on server TPS. Through using this plugin we can keep track of how many chunks are being loaded and help reduce their negative impact on server performance. This system allows you to keep track of how many chunks you have access to through the use of the command /bcl bal.

    There are currently two types of chunkloaders available to our players; ‘Online’ and ‘Always On’, each of which functions differently and as such, it is important to understand the difference and use each appropriately.

    Everyone has access to one free ‘Online Chunkloader’ simply for registering with us!

    Online Chunkloaders

    ‘Online’ Chunkloaders are used to load a chunk only while you are currently playing on a server. These should be used to keep things like your power generation online, AE system online, or to load a pump in another dimension. Please take note that these will stop working as soon as you log off.

    To create one you will require two items: An Iron Block + Blaze Rod

    Simply place the Iron Block in the chunk you wish to load and right click it with a Blaze Rod. A GUI will open from which you select the ‘Size’ of your chunkloader. In most cases this will be ‘Size 0’, which will load the chunk the Iron Block is currently in. After that the GUI will close and your chunk will be loaded. (Remember you can see the chunk you are in by hitting F9.)

    Always On Chunkloaders

    ‘Always On’ Chunkloaders are used to keep a chunk loaded even if you’re offline. These ideally should be used for keeping systems such as a quarry active and not your whole base as doing so can have negative effects on other players who are online at the time.* Please take note that these Chunkloaders will only stay active for 24 hours after you have logged off. After which you will need to log in again to reset the timer. ‘Always On’ Chunkloaders are active while you are playing on the server just like Online Chunkloaders.

    To create one you will require two items: A Diamond Block + Blaze Rod

    Simply place the Diamond Block in the chunk you wish to load and right click it with a Blaze Rod. A GUI will open from which you select the ‘Size’ of your chunkloader. In most cases this will be ‘Size 0’, which will load the chunk the Diamond Block is currently in. After that the GUI will close and your chunk will be loaded once you log off. (Remember you can see the chunk you are in by hitting F9.)

    * Please be respectful when using ‘Always On’ Chunkloaders. If you are loading your entire base with them we will not hesitate to turn them off. If you are abusing their use you may face losing them completely.

    Gaining more chunks

    If you are in need of either ‘Online’ or ‘Always On’ Chunkloaders you can purchase more through our online shop. The maximum number of ‘Online’ Chunkloaders you can possess is 99, and 50 for ‘Always On’. This is only available for players who have registered with us.

    Removing loaded chunks

    If you are no longer in need of a particular Chunkloader, either ‘Online’ or ‘Always On’, you can remove them by again right clicking the Iron/Diamond Block respectfully, opening the GUI, and selecting the ‘Redstone Torch’. This will terminate that Chunkloader leaving you free to mine the block and adding the Chunkloader to your personal pool available to be used again. If you do not use the GUI to disable the Chunkloader you may not get back the Chunkloader for use elsewhere. Should you accidentally remove the Iron or Diamond Block before disabling the Chunkloader you can place the block down again in the spot the Chunkloader used to be and open the GUI to disable it.

  • What is a Lottery Token?

    Recently on our All The Mods Server we have implemented a Lottery Chest in which you can purchase Lottery Tokens for 2500 In-Game Money (IGM) or win through various Competitions. Much like our Vote Crate Keys, this Lottery Token will unlock access to our Lottery mini-game via right clicking the chest with the Token. You will be presented with a series of chests, then simply select the chest you think holds the best items and you will be rewarded with the item(s) inside. The Lottery chest contains a wide variety of items. Some of them are useless, others are vastly more valuable than the cost of the Token. There is no limit to how many times you can use the Lottery Chest.

  • Is there a Shop/Mall that I can rent to sell/buy items?

    At this time there is no physical Mall or shops that can be 'rented', however we do have a virtual shop plug-in in place. This virtual shop allows you to both post items up for sale and buy items without the necessity to travel to any physical location. For full list of commands available run the command /market

    How do I sell Items?

    To sell an Item on the virtual shop simply start by holding the item you wish to sell in your hand then run the following command: /market create [quantity] [price]

    • [quantity] = This is the quantity of items per transaction that the buyer will receive
    • [price] = This is the price the buyer pays you to purchase your items

    This command will remove the item from your hand and place it into the virtual shop at your set Price and quantity.

    How do I buy Items from the Virtual Shop?

    To purchase or view items from the Virtual Shop you can run the command /market listings. You will be displayed with page 1 of listings. You can change the page by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the listings. Once you find an item you wish to purchase, you can click on [Info] to find out more information regarding the seller, the amount in stock, the price per sale, and quantity per sale. If you wish to purchase this item then you can do one of two things:

    • You can click [QuickBuy] from the Market Listing Info window for a single purchase of the listed item.
    • Alternatively you can run the following command: /market buy [ID]

    You can also check the Stock of any listing by running the command /market check [ID]

    [ID] = The ID is shown at the top of the Market Listing Info Window for the specific Market Listing displayed.

    How do I restock my Virtual Shop?

    First you must obtain the ID for your sale listing. Do this by searching through the market listings and clicking [Info] beside your item you wish to restock. Once you have this ID, you can then place the Stock you wish to add to the shop in your hand (maximum of one stack) and run the following command: /market addstock [ID]

    How do I remove a listing?

    You must first obtain the ID for your sale Listing. Do this by searching through the market listings and clicking [Info] beside your item you wish to remove. Once you have the ID you can then run the following command: /market removelisting [ID]

    Removing an Item from the Virtual Shop will return all your items currently in stock back into your inventory and remove the Item for the Global Listings.

  • Is there an Admin Shop?

    Currently our Beyond Server has the only Admin Shop, which sells a range of simple raw materials and basic level machines for In-Game Money (IGM) at a higher cost due to them being spawned in.

    Can I sell Items to the Admin Shop?

    Currently we do not allow players to sell back to the Admin Shop. We will be implementing Admin Shops onto our other Servers as soon as we are able.

  • How can I gain Access to Nether or End?

    As much as you are fully entitled to create your own Nether Portal or search for your own End Portal we would strongly suggest that you take advantage of our Warps. To see what Warps are currently available run the command /warps. This will display a Warp List. To use a warp, simply use the command /warp [warp name].

  • How do I earn In-Game Money (IGM)?

    In-Game Money (IGM) is used in our servers to pay for many services and other transactions with players either through the Market system or through direct payments. You can check how much IGM you have currently through the command /bal. If you wish to pay someone for a service or item(s) then you can use following command: /pay [username] [amount]

    In-Game Money (IGM) can be gained through 1 of 6 following methods:

    • Voting will net you a total of 2000 IGM which will automatically be paid from the server to your account.
    • You can win IGM through either our Vote Reward Crates or our Lottery Crate. Values Range from 5000 up to 20000.
    • You can gamble your current funds to attempt to win big through our Slot Machines available at the Rewards Crates Zone at Spawn.
    • You can sell items on our Virtual Market to earn IGM.
    • You can offer your skills with various mods to construct or build systems for players in exchange for IGM.
    • You can also show off your skills and win one of our Competitions which offer a wide range of prizes, including large sums of IGM
  • How do I enter competitions or check what's available?

    This information will be completed once a competitions page has been implemented.

    For now, Check the competition forum thread

  • Is PVP and Raiding allowed?

    In short PVP and Raiding is not allowed on any of our servers.

    PVP Policy

    Here at Modded Minecraft we operate a strict Player vs Environment (PVE) experience and we actively work to ensure any methods that can harm another player are detailed, risk assessed, and if necessary get preventative measures put in place to disable players from being hurt from other players either intentionally or by accident. Should you ever encounter a method that can damage players please contact a staff member ASAP so we can gather necessary information on how to recreate the scenario and potentially implement preventive measures.

    Raiding/Griefing Policy

    Here at Modded Minecraft we encourage players to work together rather than stealing from one another. As such we operate a zero tolerance policy to stealing or griefing from other players. We have a sophisticated plug-in that can detect block interactions as well as roll-back most damage done by players. This plug-in will detail your IGN, the exact time frame of the incident, and what tool you used to break the block. Rest assured we will pursue anyone who has damaged a player’s base and you will face punishment as covered in our rules.

    Bases that are not claimed and bases that are abandoned or appear to be abandoned are also covered by this policy. A simple rule of thumb is if you did not build it, craft it, or place it then don’t touch it. Always seek permission from the owner of a claim before you use a machine or borrow a tool. Should there be any confusion about something in-game you may ask a member of our Staff about it.

  • Abandoned Bases

    If you happen to come across an abandoned base or a base that a player has not been active on for over a month please follow the protocol detailed here. We do not allow any form of griefing or stealing regardless of how old or abandoned a base looks, so if you have found a base and it looks abandoned then please follow the steps below to ensure you are not violating any rules:

    Checking who owns the area

    First you can check if the land is claimed using a ‘Wooden Stick’ and right clicking the ground. If claimed you will be see who owns it, and you can then use their IGN to check their last log-on time. Do this by /seen (username).

    A Removal Request can only be filed if the base is unclaimed or the owner has not logged in within 1 month.

    Completing a Removal Request

    If the area is indeed abandoned you are within the right to file a Removal Request. A Removal Request must be posted online on our Forms specifically here: Removal request forum

    In order to complete the Removal Request you will need the following information regarding the area:

    • The Coordinates of the center of the structure
    • The Owner(s) of the structure, if applicable
    • A small description of the structure
    • Screenshots of the area *

    As part of your Removal Request you must also place a Vanilla Sign beside the structure in-game. This Sign must be written as seen below:


    * One of your screenshots must include the sign you have placed in-game.

    Once you have this information you can make a forum post within the Removal Request Forums Section. Removal of the structure will be completed by Staff Member following 5 working days that the Removal Request was posted online.

    Stopping a Removal Request

    If you are the owner of a structure set for removal you must post on the original thread detailing that you own the structure, that you are using it, and that the removal must be stopped. If you are unable to get onto our website you can contact a member of staff detailing that your structure is up for removal and you are still using it. They will then make a post on your behalf.

    If you live beside an area that is set for removal and know additional information, such as the owner is on holiday or the owner has unclaimed the area temporarily and can not get on, then we strongly suggest you inform the owner to post on the Removal Forums to prevent the removal, or you can vouch for the structure and post on the removal forum on the behalf the original owner as an acquaintance and have it protected from being removed.

    If you require additional information on making a Removal Request please read this post on making a Removal Post: How to post Removal Requests

  • Discord

  • How do I Connect to the MMC Discord Channel?

    If you already have Discord installed skip to the "Joining our Discord Channel" section, otherwise read below:

    Installing Discord

    Discord is a free application for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also download the app on both iOS and Android. Simply download your respective platform from their website: https://discordapp.com/download

    Once downloaded, simply execute the launcher and install the program onto your device.

    Following the installation of Discord you will be asked to Login using your Email and your respective Password. If this is your first time using Discord simply select ‘Register’. This will create an account with Discord. Here you want to input a valid Email, a Username with (which other Discord users will see and interact with you as), and a Password to protect your account.

    Joining our Discord Channel

    Once you have logged into your Discord Account you will need to Join our Discord Channel. To do this you will need to select the Plus (+) icon on the left side of your Discord window, located under your Direct Messages. This will open a pop-up window. From here select ‘Join a Server’, which you will be asked to input an Instant Invite code. The MMC code is as follows:


    Once you have input the code, select ‘Join’. You will have successfully have Joined the Modded Minecraft Discord Channel. It will now be displayed on your ‘Joined Channels’ list, as seen on the left of your Discord window with our distinctive MMC Logo.

  • Using Our Discord Channel

    Clicking on the MMC Logo on the left will open our Discord Channel. From here you may check out our Text Channels located on the left of the screen, such as our Announcements page or our General chat page. Thanks to our server integration, you can also join the represented server channels and see the current global chat. You can even chat with the players currently online through Discord without having to be online! *

    If you do not wish to type you can of course use one of our Public Voice Channels located on the left. From here you can join any one of our five available chat rooms or our 18+ channel. Please be respectful when using our discord as everyone is entitled to use it. Feel free to make use of Discord as you play with your friends!

    You can also see who is currently online from the list of players on the right.

    * This perk is only available to users who have donated to our servers.

    Contacting Players or Staff on Discord

    There are several ways to use Discord to communicate with individuals.

    You can of course use both our General Text Channel or use a Public Voice Channel, however if you wish to grab the attention of someone specifically you can use @ symbol before their username. For example:

    @Assassin What is the latest news?

    This will highlight your message for the person you have placed the @ symbol before their username as well as playing a tone on their Discord. This method can be used effectively when trying to contact staff in the #Support channel via use of @Mod or @Admin*

    If you would like to talk to a player or staff member privately you can use the Direct Message function. To do this simply right click the username of the user you wish to privately message from the online list on the right hand side. A pop up menu will display a number of options here. From this menu you want to select ‘Message’. This will open up a direct messaging chat with that user in the main section of your Discord program. To return to our main Discord Channel click on our Logo from the list on the left.

    * Please do not directly @ any staff member in the #Support channel, please start with @Mod before progressing further as this will allow more staff to see your message and allow them to assist you more promptly.

  • How do I Block someone on Discord?

    If you would like to Block a player from communicating with you then you can of course use Discord’s Blocking function. To do this simply right click the username of the user you wish to Block from the online list on the right hand side. A pop up menu will display a number of options here. From this menu you want to select ‘Block’. This will open up a pop-up window asking if you are sure you wish to complete this action. If so, you can select ‘Block’. This user will no longer be able to see you listed on our Discord nor will they be able to privately message you.

    You can also head into your User Settings located by clicking the Gear Symbol in the bottom left, beside your Username. From here you can select Privacy and Safety, where you can toggle whether players can add you as a friend or not, as well as filter Direct Messages to remove any explicit content. Once you are finished simply press ‘Esc’.

    Harassment in a Vocal Public Channel

    If the player in question is harrassing you in a Vocal Channel please contact a member of staff who will be more than happy to step in and defuse the situation. If players are harassing others on our Discord we will not hesitate to ban them from using our Channels.

  • Reducing your TPS Footprint

  • General housekeeping

    One of the easiest ways to help reduce your personal impact on the server’s TPS is to keep an eye on your bases automatic processes. Simple steps can be taken to not only help you but help the server as well. Please take note that these are ‘in-general’ and do not necessarily apply to every situation, these are simply suggestions to help you and others that play on our servers. These include but are not limited to:

    • Ensuring that items have a location to be stored in. Do not allow the items to simply drop onto the ground. One of the biggest problem is entities laying on the ground. This will slow the server down and case the TPS to drop.
    • Please avoid use of Vanilla Hoppers in any set-up to automatically feed items. These continuously tick on the server checking if they can place an item into the inventory of the machine you are feeding and this will again slow down the server and thus TPS. We suggest you use conduits or another form of item transportation wherever possible.
    • If you are no longer using a machine or set-up, them remove it. Place the items in a chest or disconnect them from your power grid, this can prevent them from using unnecessary ticks checking their inventories. As well as preventing them from wasting your hard earned power.
    • When crafting with an ME system or similar do not request very large volumes of crafting at once. These requests can single handedly crash a server and will slow the whole server down to a crawl while it attempts to process your request. Instead we suggest you brake your task down into smaller jobs and execute them one at a time.
  • Use Switch Offs

    Do not leave machines running continuously, especially if you are using Always On Chunkloaders. To expand on this we suggest that you have a shut off switch for most of your automated processes that can turn off your systems when you are not online. This simply prevents your process adding to the TPS Defacet when you are not online which may affect the players who are online.

  • Use Chunkloaders Respectfully

    Chunkloaders although are there to help make life easier on the server they must be used with respect. We kindly ask that you keep the amount of machines you are loading to bear minimum, such as your power generation system or loading a pump in the nether. We have found in rare cases that players load their whole base which is completely unnecessary. All we really ask is that you take a step back and think about what you really need loaded and what you can do without and build your base around this ensuing that only chunks that are being loaded contain the machines that you need and not everything. If you are unsure then please contact a member of staff for further guidance regarding chunkloading bases.

  • Mob Farms

    By default mob farms are going to carry with them a small degree of TPS affecting elements, namely with the amount of entities present. This is namely why we have a rule that prevents there use in the End. Although there are many designs for a mob farm some are more efficient and server friendly than others.

    Install a disable system

    All mob farms should have a system in place to turn them ‘off’ be that using Redstone Lights or simply turning off the mob spawner with redstone in some mods. This is to ensure that it is only running when you need it and not continuously. Mob farms that run continuously may be removed or switched off if you are not online.

    Use one at time

    If you are farming several types of mob ensure you only have 1 farm active at once and not them all. This is simply a mark of respect for your fellow community members, having all the farms working will slow down the server with the amount of entities being spawned at once regardless if they are being killed instantly.

    Pick up all Drops

    Although most automatic mod farming blocks/machines will automatically pick up drops others may not and it is very important that you have a system in place that will pick up all entities on the ground a quickly as possible. This system must not use hoppers in order to collect drops as this will simply add to the ticks being run and reduce the TPS further. Use of vacuum hoppers is a suggestion and always ensure that your drops have a location to be stored with enough space to prevent overflow, as if this overflows entities will remain on the ground and your system by be removed if you allow this to happen.

    Moving mobs

    In most cases it is hard to move mobs to the ‘grinder head’ without having to spend some form of TPS reducing system be it use of water or transport conveyors. We recognize that these in most cases need to be in place to allow your system to work quickly. What we suggest to combat this is simply make your mob farm small and compact enough to prevent spawning outside the enclosure. One potential solution is to build your spawner at great height to allow the mobs to fall thus allowing more to spawn but also preventing the use of extra conveyors or water systems. In most cases simply think about what you can do to reduce the movement and increase the collection rate of drops. Never use Fans.

  • Botania Daisy’s

    The Pure Daisy in Botania will transform Wood and Stone into Living Wood and Living Stone respectively. However if blocks are left within a 3x3 around the daisy this will slow down the server as the daisy will continuously check the blocks around it which will send a large amount of ticks doing so, this will reduce the TPS on the server. We suggest strongly that if you are venturing down the path of Botania that you ensure that you do not leave any blocks around the daisy or alternative store it in a chest when you are finished using it.

  • Donating

  • Where do I donate?

    You can donate at our online store: www.moddedminecraft.net/shop

  • What is the benefit of donating?

    Donating will not only make you feel good about giving back to the server, but will also provide you with various in-game rewards and perks! It also helps keep the server running smoothly, as well as providing for upgrades to server hardware or the website.

  • What payment methods do you currently accept?

    We currently only accept PayPal. We are looking into providing more varied ways of payment.

  • What do you do with left over money?

    Sometimes, after paying for all the various server bills which come through month to month, we have extra money left over. This is basically 'saved' for when we need to use it for other things such as hardware upgrades or improvements to the website as needed. It is sometimes also used if we haven't hit our quota one month and need to use some of it to help pay for the server costs.